Having spent the last 7 months evolving my Substack "audience" into a "community" I'd say the two are quite different.

The key is member-to-member communication over you-to-member communication. As is the idea of membership... There needs to be some kind of barrier (not just paying) for people to be a part of the community for them to feel like the quality of it's members is guaranteed.

I've just separated my community from my Substack because I wanted to add an application process, focus on in-person events and delegate ownership to everyone. It seems to be going v well so far and feels like a super exciting next step!

If you read one book on the subject, I fully recommend "The Business of Belonging" by David Spinks. It's the complete works on community building. In fact, here are all my notes from it: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Kz4sSFiPjyT9ywwnfzbaab8hc8mUhBDGr3t-lIBx4kA/edit?usp=sharing

Happy Community Building Nick!

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Jul 18, 2023Liked by Nick Lafferty

Featuring other solopreneurs is a really cool ideaβ€”and that's another way to build community πŸ˜‰

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Was just thinking how to better tackle LinkedIn. These are nice suggestions.

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